How is «brand» different from «trademark»?

Brand is a set of consumer expectations that are satisfied through a product or service over an extended period of time and justify consumer trust. Positive communication with the target audience created through the brand contributes to the formation of the added value of a product or service.

Trademark is a designation used to ascertain goods of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, to which the exclusive right, certified by a certificate of registration, is recognized.

The main differences between «brand» and «trademark» are given in the table below:

 Trademark has an exact date of registration Brand is created over an extended period of time  
Legal entities have to pay a fee for trademark registration Significant funds are invested in brand development throughout the entire period of its use
Trademark is a legal term Brand is an economic term having features such as recognition, exclusivity, guaranteed quality, associations, emotions, impressions

Brand success largely depends on the effectiveness of communication with consumers in a particular market segment. Moreover, a brand may be successful in one market, but not successful in another.

A trademark can become a brand if positive communications “object-target audience” become significantly stronger and more stable in comparison with similar communications of competing objects. In this case, we can say that the brand is a well-known and widely recognized trademark.

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