What is a patent portfolio?

Patent portfolio is a collection of patents for intellectual property objects (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, etc.) that belong to the same patent holder providing legal protection for the said holder’s innovative products as well as holder’s dominant market position.
The need to create a patent portfolio is due to the interests of the company, since intellectual property is an important source of sustainable long-term competitive advantage in the market.

The main advantages of the patent portfolio are to provide:
- protection from competitors, because with the help of a patent portfolio it is possible to prevent the actions of unscrupulous competitors and protect their rights in an administrative or judicial procedure;
- protection from "patent trolls", which include organizations involved in the making money of patents by filing lawsuits for their violation;
- bankruptcy protection, since the patent portfolio is a valuable asset of the enterprise;
- through the sale of patent portfolios, license agreements on patents, it is possible to significantly increase the budget of the enterprise and make a profit in court on claims from violators;
- attracting investors, since the presence of a patent portfolio makes the patent holder the most attractive among other applicants for investment.

In order to properly form a patent portfolio it is necessary:
- conduct patent research;
- identify the key object of patenting that has priority;
- identify information to be kept secret, in order to provide it with the maximum level of protection and prevent the spread of information;
- determine the list of additional objects associated with the key object, which are a tool to increase the value and stability of the patent portfolio;
- file national patent applications in the Russian Federation;
- file a PCT application and eventually enter the national phase in order to receive patents in other countries.
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