The workers of ERFIS realized activities since 2008. For this period of work we received value experience of work in patent researches’ field. Specialists of our team successful execute from 20 and more patent research reports per year, and the results in form and substance satisfactory to government customers and other organization-customers.

Methodologically rigorous and considered approach to analyzing of receiving information by information research, provide to us cut terms of services and cost of it realization. Therewith we guarantee high quality of services.

Along with that we assist with registration of trademarks in Russia and in abroad. High professional level and qualification of Erfis command provide to be trusted partner in intellectual property area.

Our team

  • Use the reliable info-resources for qualitative patent researches and other work in IP field.
  • Provide creative solution for hard law problems and high quality law services in any field of our practice.
  • Provide individual approach to each customer with work-specific.
  • Financially responsibility for our services.

Geography of activity