The need to register a trademark arises for:

Name and logo protection

In accordance with Article 1515 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, if a competitor tries to use your registered trademark illegally you have the right to recover from 10,000 - 5,000,000 RUB from the infringer (the said sum is finally determined at the discretion of the court based on the nature of the violation) and permanently prohibit him from using your designation.

Asset Security 

If you have not registered a trademark then any third party can register it obtaining the rights to:

a) make you change the designation;

b) collect from you up to 5,000,000 RUB

Protecting reputation and brand status

To enhance the status of the brand and thus increase consumer confidence in the services or products of your company, you can use the “®” security marking next to a registered trademark. With an unregistered trademark, the use of the “®” marking threatens Article 180 of the Criminal Code (up to 4 years in prison).

The intention to sell a franchise (or the right to use a trademark)

A registered trademark can be used to advantage by entering into licensing and franchising agreements (commercial concession agreement).

Use of a trademark as a pledge of an intangible asset

A trademark as an intangible asset can be evaluated and put on the balance sheet of the organization. This provides increasing the authorized capital by the value of the trademark which can significantly facilitate relations with banks and investors.

Full range of services on registering a trademark

  1. Conducting a comprehensive check of a trademark using international databases of trademarks and the Russian database of trademarks.

  2. Payment of official fees.

  3. Checking the database of unpublished trademark applications.

  4. Registration of the necessary documents and assignment of the priority right to the trademark to the Client within 24 hours from the date of conclusion of the contract.

  5. Obtaining a trademark certificate and transferring it to the Client.
from $800

Trademark Registration Scheme

1 You provide the designation you want to register as a trademark and the field of activity where you intend to apply it
2 We conduct a free preliminary search on published trademarks and commercial designations
3 Signing a contract. We provide information on fees that have to be paid
4 We prepare the necessary documents and coordinate them with you. Submitting documents to Rospatent
5 Examination of the trademark in Rospatent
6 Obtaining a decision on the registration of the trademark
7 Obtaining a certificate of registration
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